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Classic Touring Car Championship 

In 1974 a group of amateur racing drivers got together to form a club which would promote affordable racing for the popular saloon cars of the fifties and early sixties. 
Since its beginnings the Club has evolved and expanded. to now encompass five championships. New for 2008 was the introduction of a class within Classic Group One for competitors running to Production BMW specifications. In 2009 Pre93 Series gained Championship status and the club took an even bigger step by creating a series within Classic Thunder called the Blue Oval Saloon Series (BOSS); this features Ford Saloons from near standard to highly modified turbocharged monsters. 
Races are divided by year of manufacture and therefore reflect the relevant period of British Saloon/Touring Car racing applicable to each era. Furthermore, each Championship or Series is sub-divided into classes depending on engine size 
AH Racing have supported Roger Stanford in the Pre93 Series since 2007 and in 2010 was the Winner of the Touring Car Championship and in 2011 finished First in class and Second in Championship 

Under 2 Litre Touring Cars U2TC 

U2TC is a series for pre-1966 under two litre Touring Cars that has gone from strength to strength as it enters its ninth year of existence. It races at all the best tracks in Europe, and enjoys a high standard of race preparation and high driving standards. It is an invitation series and cars are expected to conform strictly to Appendix K. 

Mike Johns Race History 

Lives: Staffs 
Mike started racing in 1993 competing in Sprints and Hillclimbs with a Mk1 Austin Healey Sprite (Frogeye) and progressed to Circuit racing in 1995 with a ‘fully modified’ Sprite. 
In 2005, following a 2 year break, Mike returned to racing looking for a new challenge and started competing in the Sports 2000 Championship with a Van Diemen Sports Prototype car, as well as occasional Historic races in a Healey 3000. 
In recent years Mike has concentrated on the SRCC Championships racing a Van Diemen RFS02; Royale S2000M and Royale RP42 Duratec. 
Total No. of Races 195 
Pole Positions 18 
Outright Wins 12 
Podiums 32 
Class Pole Positions 41 
Class Wins 40 
Lap Records 5 
Fastest Laps 33 


Championship Results: 
1996 Austin Healey Championship (Modified Sprite) – 1st 
1997 Austin Healey Championship (Modified Sprite) – 1st 
1998 Austin Healey Championship (Modified Sprite) – 1st 
1999 Austin Healey Championship (Modified Sprite) – 1st 
2000 Austin Healey Championship (Modified Sprite) – 1st 
2001 Austin Healey Championship (Modified Sprite) – 1st 
2002 Austin Healey Championship (Modified Sprite) – 1st 
2008 SRCC Sports 2000 Historic Championship – 2nd 
2009 SRCC Sports 2000 Historic Championship – 3rd 
2009 SRCC Sports 2000 Pinto Championship (Class H) – 2nd 
2010 SRCC Sports 2000 Historic Championship – 2nd 
2010 SRCC Sports 2000 Pinto Championship (Class H) – 1st 
2011 SRCC Sports 2000 Historic Championship – 2nd 

The Sports Racing Car Club 

The SRCC was founded to further the cause of Sports 2000 racing by raising its profile and enjoyment for competitors and spectators alike and to bring it back to the ultra high profile series it was in the early 80′s when they used to have over subscribed grids and supported F1. 

Sports 2000 Pinto Championship 

The Pinto Championship is for Sports 2000 cars using the Ford Pinto engine as the power plant. This is the engine that has been propelling Sports 2000’s for the last 30 years and the championship is a fabulous starting point for novice and experienced drivers. Grids are rarely below 30 and if the track allows above 40, this means there is always someone to race against. 
To keep costs down we only have 8 championship rounds with the best 7 counting towards the championship. We have 3 age related classes: Class H (1977 to 1982), Class B (1983 to 1986) and Class A (1987 onwards). Only the best circuits are visited such as Silverstone GP, Thruxton, Brands Hatch GP, Donington Park and Oulton Park International. Race length is 20 min qualifying and a 25 min race. 

Sports 2000 Historic Championship 

Historic ‘anything’ always seems to attract an enthusiastic following and Sports 2000 is no exception. These early Sports 2000 cars (1977-1982), especially the iconic Lola T492, closely resemble the Group 6 racers of the 70′s. Affordable and fun, that sums up these cars, and an early S2 will also be eligible for the Pinto Championship with reduced entry fee if you do both. 

Sports 2000 Duratec Championship 

After 30 years of service the Pinto has been now been replaced with the Ford Duratec engine, which produces about 200bhp in standard trim. The whole concept of Sports 2000 Duratec was to get new cars made once again and to that end it has been very successful. Introduced just a few years ago the manufacturers have now latched on to the fact that our budget formula has a global base. 
Already we have Lola, Juno, Van Diemen, Motus, RAY, Carbir, Gunn, MCR and the latest recruit March. Variety has always been a feature of Sports 2000 and the new generation is clearly no different. These new cars are allowed a sequential gearbox and alloy calipers plus a spec wing. Typical race lengths are 15 min un-timed practice, 30 min qualifying and a 30 min race. The minimum license is grade B and represents a step up from the Pinto Championship as the competition is greater. Despite new cars and high profile the emphasis is still on fun, affordable close racing. 
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